Township of King's Collaboration with VCycene and LILA for Sustainability

Township of King's Collaboration with VCycene and LILA for Sustainability

In a significant stride towards environmental conservation, VCycene at VentureLAB extends its gratitude to the Township of King's Mayor Steve Pellegrini, Ward Councilors Mary Asselstine and Jennifer Anstey and Economic Development Officer Jamie Smyth for their recent visit. This visit not only exemplified the Township's dedication to quality living and clean air but also marked the beginning of a meaningful partnership.

King Township Visit Lila

King Township, known beyond its borders for its high quality of life and pristine air, has made sustainability a top priority under Mayor Steve's leadership. This focus on creating a sustainable community aligns seamlessly with VCycene's mission and values. Partnering with multiple King groups, we've immersed ourselves in community activities, fostering connections and understanding the unique needs of King Township. A notable highlight of this collaboration is the Township of King's commitment to adopt sustainable solutions. Here, the inclusion of LILA composters shines as a revolutionary step towards a more sustainable future.


LILA, renowned for its cutting-edge technology, enables efficient, effortless and odorless composting, thereby reducing waste and supporting the Township's green objectives. The LILA's integration will significantly contribute to greening the conservation area of Cold Creek, while also enhancing sustainability efforts at the township office.

The Township of King's visionary leadership and support for LILA further underscore the community's dedication to embracing innovative practices. Together, we're shaping a brighter and greener future for King Township and beyond. We look forward to the positive impact this partnership will bring to our environment, and we remain committed to collaborating on initiatives that promote sustainability and community well-being.


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