Discover LILA’s Unrivaled Excellence

Lab-verified Category A Compost

Nutrient-rich and uncompromised

Effortless & Autonomous Composting

Completely hands-free

Energy Efficiency

Slash up to 90% off electricity costs

3 to 4 Times Larger Capacity

Continuous, uninterrupted composting

Cutting-Edge Technology

Third-Party Validated True High-Quality Category A Compost

Unlike traditional home composters, LILA’s patented technology creates genuine high-quality Category A Compost(Organic fertilizer), not just dehydrated or ground waste.

Built-in Odor Elimination Technology

Beyond odor control, LILA’s built-in technology continuously intakes and purifies the surrounding air, ensuring a fresh and clean kitchen environment.

Patented Dual Chamber Technology

LILA’s innovative dual chamber technology allows for continuous use and batched output, maximizing composting efficiency, capacity, and quality.

Natural Microbes & Aerobic Decomposition

LILA’s advanced technology combines natural microbes and aerobic decomposition, no need for any additives like filters, microbes, or substrates.

LILA Enables a New Way of Eco-Living

Most Effortless Composting Ever

Simply toss food waste and let LILA handle the rest! Experience hassle-free composting with continuous input for exceptional results

True Carbon Negative Lifestyle

Join the green revolution! Compost with LILA and reduce waste and emissions. One year of LILA use reduces ~ 570 kgCO2 emission from our LCA

Perfect for Every Home

From small households to large, LILA accommodates all! Its generous capacity handles more food scraps with ease

Minimal Electricity Costs

Spend less, save more! LILA’s electricity costs are a mere $5 per month, unmatched by other composters

Air Purification

Purify, Refresh, & Thrive! LILA eliminates odors, creating a fresher, healthier cooking space, and doubles as an air purifier

Cost-Saving & Convenient

Invest once and no more add-on cost ever! LILA requires no additives, supplements, or filters, saving you money without compromising results

New product on market- innovative - user friendly- sustainability!

We bought one of the first- to be rolled out this fall. Great company- members Highly recommend.

━ King Township and Chamber of Commerce

VCycene’s flagship product

Lila Composter, is a kitchen appliance that converts a wide variety of food waste into high quality, organic fertilizer. Catering to everyday customers who grow tired of discarding non recyclable food waste, VCycene’s Lila Composter addresses this pain point shared by a majority of households in Canada, while educating users about the common misconception of treating food waste as trash.

━ Venture Lab

LILA Composter is an innovative new to market product that goes beyond household composting

With proprietary software and technology to turn your household food waste into the highest quality, no smell, Grade A compost soil.

━ King City Chamber of Commerce

Absolutely thrilled with the product!

The beautiful, modern design and effortless features not only enhance the aesthetics of my space but also seamlessly integrate modern functionality. A perfect blend of style, innovation, and ease!

━ Emily Reynolds

Thank you for working to make a difference in the world!

A special note & thanks to the team! George for all the info, Don for meeting me and Huayi for the video you take! I cannot wait to try this!

━ - Kind Regards, Alicia

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